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Andrea H.

Client Since 2015

Originally from Los Angeles, Andrea got her first apartment in San Francisco in 1979. After her savings was depleted due to suffering a heart attack at her job as a Social Worker, Andrea found herself in need of Q Foundation’s services. Thanks to the support she received through our Senior or Disabled Subsidy program, Andrea was able to maintain her long-term apartment. She is now able to volunteer with LGBTQ-related non-profits in the Bay Area and enjoys giving back to the community with her pomeranian Eartha Kitt.

When not being a hero, she performs as a jazz singer at local venues in San Francisco.

Lady Katerina

Client Since 2014

Lady Katerina is an HIV+ intersex woman, who is also a recovering addict. Over the last 6 years of being in the Bay Area, she went from being homeless, to living in shelters, to getting an SRO, and eventually moving into her own place.

Moving in to her stable housing wasn’t easy. She needed financial assistance with her deposit and first month’s rent. That’s when Q Foundation came in to secure her housing before she lost the opportunity.

Today, she is advancing in her career, staying sober, and living life as a world-traveling activist and photojournalist. She is getting married in August 2017.

Paoi E.M.

Client Since 2010

Paoi moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles homeless and HIV+ as a result of his addiction. With Q Foundation’s housing resources and financial support, Paoi has been able to redeem himself through the years. Today, he is a successful graphic designer for multiple non-profit organizations in San Francisco, sober from drugs and alcohol, and has been living stably in the TenderNob with his cat and his husband.

In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering for LGBTQ+ & recovery community advocacies and performing in drag or live music.