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LET’S GET POLITICAL: Shield San Francisco Values. Protect Housing for Senior, Disabled, & Families. Fight Deportation of Immigrants.

Thursday • February 16th 2017
San Francisco City Hall 

9:30 a.m. Rally at City Hall Polk Street Steps 

10:30 a.m. Testify at Board of Supervisors Budget Committee, Room 250

Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer has found savings in the City Budget to restore funding for the 175 new rent subsidies that were recently cut from the budget.

  • 30 additional rent subsidies for undocumented families or families with children with disabilities.
  • 125 additional rent subsidies for seniors and people with disabilities, including members of the LGBTQ communities.
  • Funding to the Public Defender’s Office for enhanced legal defense against deportations of undocumented people.

San Francisco has a proud tradition of being a Sanctuary for those in need of a place to call home. Now more than ever, members of immigrant communities, LGBTQ or HIV+ San Franciscans, and families with special needs children require the special protections San Franciscans has created.

We can fight displacement by providing rental subsidies, starting with seniors & disabled San Franciscans, families, and immigrants in need.

LET’S GET POLITICAL: Join the Movement Establishing the Compton’s TLGBQ Historic District

Q Foundation is proud to be instigating the creation of a Compton’s Historic District in the area surrounding the site of the Compton’s Cafeteria riots in 1966, the first time the TLGBQ community stood up in defiance to police brutality, 3 years before Stonewall. 


SIGN UP FORM – Click here

The site is located at the corner of Turk and Taylor, now named Vicky Mar Lane and Gene Compton Way.

We have assembled a pretty significant group of stakeholders to help shepherd the vision for the development that happens in this culturally sensitive district. Our goal is to preserve our history while maintaining a place that is welcoming and accessible to our communities, especially transgender women. It was the gay street hustlers union who began leafleting to raise consciousness around issues of police brutality targeting our communities and transgender women and drag queens, and the rest of us fabulous Tenderloin freaks, that started the riot.

We will put the site of the original Compton’s Cafeteria into the public trust. It is currently occupied by the second largest private prison corporation in America, GEO, who notably just got busted making illegal donations to Donald Trump. We will also preserve the several LGBT community nightlife spaces that are at risk of displacement and closure due in large part to development activity, particularly Aunt Charlie’s and The Gangway . We will also seek to re-open historic spaces that have been lost such as Esta Noche, The Pendulum, and The Lexington and to bring other nightlife venues into the district.

We will acquire developable parcels in the district to devote to community uses, and/or be the lead in deciding what development the community will accept in the historic district.

Just a few weeks ago, the Obama administration, highlighted the national importance of this district in the first ever National Park Service LGBT Theme Study. Released in tandem with naming the 7.7 acres around the historic Stonewall Inn in NYC as the Stonewall National Monument. We will seek national recognition of a similar stature to the Compton’s Historic District.

Oh yeah, and fight greedy billionaire developers seeking to demolish our history to build luxury condo complexes turning our community into a playground for the international global elite.

After all, Compton’s Was A Riot. 

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