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Qommunity is our platform for members of the QLGBT, HIV+ communities, and our allies and co-conspirators to come together to advocate for our collective needs and to defend ourselves and each other against oppression. It informs and inspires to care for ourselves, each other, and to achieve positive change to remove barriers to housing stability for our communities and for society as a whole. We claim creating space for self-advocacy and empowerment as an integral component of individual and community healing and resiliency.

Be a QBuilder

Q Foundation needs your support to promote its core value of maintaining an independent voice advocating for the needs of the QLGBT and HIV communities impacted by the housing crisis. Help prevent & end homelessness in the QLGBT and HIV+ communities by becoming a monthly donor today. Every brick matters in building a strong home. Every dollar counts in preventing and ending homelessness.

Brick Builders ($5/month) allow our housing advocates to travel to our members for friendly home visits for seniors and disabled residents. Get a Q Foundation Mug.

Mortar Builder ($25/month) help cover costs of affordable housing workshops. Get a Q Foundation mug and shirt.

Wall Builder ($50/month) ensure we have a growing fund to prevent eviction. Get a Q Foundation mug, shirt and hat or tote.

 Roof Builder ($100/month) ensure we have a growing fund for move in deposit assistance to secure new housing. Get a Q Foundation mug, shirt, hat or tote, and 2 tickets to our Annual Q Gala.  

Foundation Builder ($250/month) provide housing subsidies to prevent eviction for seniors or disabled members of our communities. Get a Q Foundation mug, shirt, hat or tote, and 4 VIP tickets to our Annual Q Gala.

Be a VolunQueer

Volunteers give generously of their time to make our critical work possible by supporting our fundraising efforts, staffing our café, helping with special events, and providing clerical and administrative support.

 Below is a description of our on-going volunteer opportunities. Let us know which one best matches your interest by completing the Volunteer Interest Form.

  • Q Café: Be part of the team that serves food and beverages are our coffee shop in Hastings Law School.
  • Special Events: Be of service at San Francisco street fairs while meeting new people at designated booths.
  • Administration: We are always on the lookout for receptionists and personnel who are willing to help us with office operations like processing paperwork, handling clients, coordinating correspondences, etc.
  • Fundraising: Join the team in building ideas that can bring as much dollars as we can in the streets or at formal events.

Be an AdvoQate

Q Housing Advocacy Network recruits, trains, and organizes our members and allies to actively encourage elected officials and government decision-makers to approve sound public policy in response to the housing crisis.

At critical moments specific to policy issues affecting our communities, Q:HAN briefs members using concise alerts that make it quick and easy to communicate their positions to decision-makers.

The QShop

Swags that’ll turn your hope on. Shirts, hats, mugs, bags, event tickets, and more!

Register to Vote

Q Foundation accepts the political and economic environment that either fosters or hinders housing stability for our communities. It is our responsibility to engage the political process to nurture the best climate for the individuals we serve to thrive within.

 Educating our members in the policy arena is a core component of our work in mobilizing people to advocate for their own best needs. Part of that member engagement is developing informed voters.

 Why voting matters: Our housing stability is inextricably linked to policy. Land use policy that can either preserve affordable housing or demolish it. Our values and polices are expressed through the budget process, that can either take away income for seniors and disabled SSI recipients or add to it.

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