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Should you have issues on the following list, please click on the button below and educate yourself with the rights that you have as a tenant.

  • Rent Control
  • Evictions
  • Buyouts
  • Condo & TIC Conversions
  • Habitability & Repairs
  • Harassment by Landlord
  • Sales of Buildings
  • Security Deposits
  • Short-Term Rentals


In San Francisco, most tenants are covered by rent control. This means rents can only be raised by certain amounts per year and the tenant can only be evicted for “just causes.” In addition, some rental units have restrictions on how much the landlord can charge the new tenant due to previous evictions. Tenants who do not have rent control can have their rent increased by any amount at any time with a proper written notice.

Rent control is administered by the San Francisco Rent Board. The Rent Board website has extensive information and you can download the San Francisco Rent Ordinance and Rent Board Rules and Regulations.

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