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Q Foundation is spearheading June as National LGBTQ+ Homelessness Awareness Month. 

Everyday, LGBTQ+s face homelessness. As a matter of fact, 30% of San Francisco’s homeless are LGBTQ+s. Q Foundation is launching an era where every human being has a safe, decent and affordable home beginning with creating awareness of the existence of the “invisible” sector of our society.

Creating awareness requires participation from as many people as we can recruit in this movement against homelessness. This year, we begin this awareness campaign in California in conjuntion with San Francisco Pride festivities. We have a few events already lined up, including:

  • Juanita More! Pride Party – We have been selected as a beneficiary of this annual party happening on Pride weekend. Check out sponorship opportunities HERE or see ticket information HERE, available June 1st.
  • 7X7 Magazine Pride Party – As a beneficiary of this event, we will be able to increase awareness of this issue specifically in the Bay Area.
  • Google Giving Day – We have been invited to participate in a Google Giving Day, where Google employees can generously give to our cause. This will raise awareness of the issue as well as funds to work towards finding solutions.
  • SF Pride Q Booth Volunteer Drive – Q Foundation is hosting a beverage booth at the Pride Festival and is looking for volunteers to help raise necessary funds for our programs. Click HERE if you are able to help out, or want to stay in contact about future opportunities.

For now, we invite you to donate as much as you can to show your support in this brand new initiative. Please visit our website regularly for news and updates on the LGBTQ+ Homelessness Awareness Month Campaign.

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