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Member Services

Q Foundation is the home for homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing services for the QLGBT communities, and through our program, AIDS Housing Alliance, members of the HIV+ communities. We provide advocacy leadership at the national, state, and local levels and direct services to thousands of San Francisco residents.

Our services are designed to protect the housing people already have, provide resources to secure new housing, and promote public policy to expand housing opportunity and remove housing barriers.

Homelessness Prevention & Rapid Rehousing

Homelessness and housing instability in the QLGBT and HIV+ communities is a national crisis. 40% of homeless youth across the nation are QLGBT, 20% of transgender people have experienced homelessness and 11% of transgender people have been evicted due to their gender identity. Up to 60% of people with HIV/AIDS nationally will experience homelessness at least once in their lives.

In San Francisco, 29% of unhoused individuals are LGBT and 10.5% of all homeless people are HIV+.

350 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco CA 94102    T (415) 552.3242     F (415) 561.9940 

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