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We have homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing programs for the QGLBT & HIV/AIDS community.

We offer financial aid ranging from back rent assistance to move in security deposit and first month’s rent grants.

QGLBT seniors are our priority by providing them subsidies that can help them keep their housing.

Disbaled QGLBTs seek financial refuge at Q Foundation so they can keep their housing while they are healing without worries.

Our Services

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Housing Emergency Financial Assistance

Q Foundation provides over $1 million per year in emergency housing financial assistance to help stabilize the housing of San Francisco residents.

Security Deposit and First Month’s Rent. Available to San Francisco residents who have secured new housing, both inside and outside of San Francisco.

Back Rent to Prevent Eviction. Available to San Francisco residents who are at risk of eviction due to unpaid rent and who have the documented ability to pay rent in the future.

Short & medium term shallow rent subsidies for job training participants. We are able to provide rental assistance to participants in approved job training programs who are experiencing housing instability in order to allow them the room to focus on pursing options that may increase future income.

Senior or disabled needs-based rent subsidies. Q Foundation assists over 100 San Francisco residents 60+ or with a disabling condition in need of on-going rental assistance in order to prevent losing their long term home or who have been denied permanent affordable housing due to insufficient income and will be able to overcome that denial with the provision of a rent subsidy.

Housing & Health Care Navigation

Tenants Rights Counseling & Landlord Mediation. *Create FAQs for this section. We were born from the tenants rights movement and have a successful track record in crafting and passing tenants rights legislation to remove barriers to stable housing. A vital component to stable housing is for tenants to be informed of their rights and responsibilities under the law and helping landlords to understand their obligations as well. We successfully mediate resolution to misunderstanding and disputes between landlords and tenants in an effort to maximize housing quality and stability.

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Affordable housing application workshops. We host monthly affordable housing application workshops to assist members in understanding eligibility qualifications and completing affordable housing applications.


*Please note that our Q Foundation office observes the following holidays and is closed:

  • Election Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Day after San Francisco Pride
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Day before Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day through New Years Day

Social Enterprise

One of the ways we make our own money is through the use of social enterprise. Our current social enterprise endeavour, Q Café, is located on campus at UC Hastings College of Law. It generates $100,000 per year in gross revenue for the organization while also providing job training opportunities  for our members. A significant value is the experience it provides to law students from around the world. Students at this competitive law school are provided with the opportunity to get to know QLGBT people, especially transgender folks, people living with HIV/AIDS, poor, homeless and marginally housed people. For some, this might be the most diversity they’ve encountered and, hopefully, they are the richer for it. Our hope is that this experience will be helpful to them and society as they climb the ladder of success after graduation by making them more experienced and informed leaders.

Simply Sandwiches Nutrition Support

Hunger is a barrier to housing stability. Members who haven’t eaten for days have a harder time focusing on developing an individual housing plan and seeing it through. In addition to the physical effects of lack of adequate nutrition, hunger makes a person feel mortally vulnerable, which pulls emotional resources and intellectual focus away from long term problem solving. Simply Sandwiches provides 10,000 mostly organic and vegetarian brown bag lunches per year to our members. Additionally, we support our sister agencies by distributing to the people they serve. Some of our partners include Mercy Housing Madonna Residence, Episcopal Community Services Canon Kip Senior Center, and the Homeless Youth Alliance.

Public Policy Community Engagement

We devise public policy to remove housing barriers, collaborate with other movement builders to promote, and leverage engagement with our community to drive successful passage at the national, state, and local levels.

The economic and political environment is as much as, or more important driver of homelessness and housing instability than are individual behaviours. Poor people live with the consequences of decisions made by rich people every day.

Decisions happen at the national, state, and local level that impact a person’s ability to gain or maintain housing. Those decisions are influenced by the lobbyists for special interest groups that have a financial stake in the outcomes.

Nationally, from the banking lobby advocating for less regulation that led to the economic crisis, or those that have successfully pushed for the government to profoundly withdraw investments in affordable housing, to those that have taken millions of dollars away for housing for people with HIV/AIDS in CA.

Or in California where the real estate lobby fights attempts to expand rent control protections, or how the state addressed the financial collapse by taking away money from senior or disabled SSI recipients but continue to stonewall against restoring those SSI. It is immoral to pay for the mistakes on Wall Street from poor people’s retirement and disability support.

Or in San Francisco, where elected officials run for higher office on divisive anti-homeless measures that are not designed to address the issue. They are designed as wedge issues that only serve to demonize people who are struggling. When 29% of the homeless are QLGBT and one in ten people with HIV are homeless, these efforts disproportionately target the communities we come from and represent.

Investments in public policy yields exceptional cost/benefit returns.

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