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Q Foundation’s Financial Assistance Board (QFAB) is designed for case managers as a portal for their clients to our resources. Screen clients for financial assistance, update their profiles, and more!

Our services are designed to protect the housing people already have, provide resources to secure new housing, and promote public policy to expand opportunity for all.

We hold housing workshops an clinics regularly with a focus on applying for affordable housing. Seasonally, we hold educational seminars on tenants rights, advocacy, and other tenant-relevant topics.

Designed with case managers in mind, we made QFAB streamlined & easy to use. Now, that’s fabulous!

Q Foundation’s Financial Assistance Board (QFAB) is designed for case managers to screen clients for potential eligibility for emergency financial assistance and track their progress through Q Foundation’s database. Types of assistance include paying back rent to prevent eviction and homelessness, and move-in financial support like security deposit and first month’s rent to secure housing. We also have an eviction prevention subsidy for senior and/or disabled tenants in San Francisco who are paying 70% or more of their household income toward rent.

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Quick Assessment
Within a few minutes you will know if your referrals’ income and rent qualify for any of our programs. That’s the power of our CalQlator.

Multiple Programs
QFAB allows you to pre-screen your clients for multiple programs including HPRP, ESG, and our Flexible Subsidy Program.

Upload Files Instantly
You can upload your clients’ documents as simple as drag and drop. If you don’t have all the documents you can always come back and upload later.

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