We have homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing programs for the TQGLB+, disabled, and senior communities.

Seniors are our priority by providing them subsidies that can help them keep their housing.
Disabled people seek financial refuge at Q Foundation so they can keep their housing while they are healing without worries.


COVID-19 has significantly impacted the City budget. Due to budget cuts, our rental assistance programs are fully enrolled. We are unable to process new applications nor applications that have been previously submitted and have not been fully approved by Q Foundation and fully enrolled into a subsidy. To clarify, if we have not already started writing subsidy checks to your landlord, you are not enrolled. 

We know times are difficult. Hundreds of thousands of people are concerned about their housing. Hopefully things will improve in 2021. 

If and when we are able to start accepting additional applications, we will re-post the online application here. 

Over the next few weeks, we must focus on our existing households. Please respect our time and focus during this difficult time. 


Introducing: Give2SF Covid-19 Response & Recovery Fund

This program provides temporary financial assistance to eligible households, regardless of immigration status, who have experienced a substantial loss of household income as a result of COVID-19 and cannot afford their housing costs.

Assistance Provided

Eligible households may apply for up to $3,000 per application period for assistance meeting rent, utility, and/or mortgage payments, security deposits, HOA fees, and other essential needs (with a total maximum amount of assistance per household of $10,000).

Note: Rental assistance is not available for missed rents covered by San Francisco’s residential eviction moratorium; however, rents that were due prior to the moratorium (before March 13) and pre-payment of future rents not covered by the moratorium may be eligible. Similarly, mortgage assistance is not available for loans that are federally insured or otherwise subject to government-imposed forbearance. However, mortgage assistance may be available for loans not subject to forbearance.

Who Is Served

Applicants must meet all four criteria below:

  • San Francisco Residents
  • Individuals with 100% Area Median Income (AMI) or less pre-March 2020
  • Individuals with documented proof of loss of income (or increased expenses) due to COVID-19-related health, employment, family, or school/childcare issues
  • Individuals experiencing housing instability or are at risk of housing instability
Maximum Income Requirements

Up to 100% of Area Median Income

  • Household of 1:   $86,200
  • Household of 2:   $98,500
  • Household of 3:   $110,850
  • Household of 4:   $123,150
  • Household of 5:   $133,000
  • Household of 6:   $142,850
  • Household of 7:   $152,700
  • Household of 8:   $162,550
Required Documentation

Funding is extremely limited and applications will be prioritized based on need and severity of COVID-19 impact. If your application is selected for assistance, you will be asked to provide documentation to verify eligibility, including but not limited to:

  • Valid Identification Card or Passport
  • Proof of residency (i.e. utility bill, medical bill, etc.)
  • Income documents (i.e. paystubs, SDI/UI award letter, etc.) 
  • Lease agreement or mortgage statement
  • Documentation of the COVID-19-related loss of income or increased expenses (i.e. job termination notice, bank statements, etc.)

Q Rental Subsidy Programs

Through the support of Mayor London Breed and the Board of Supervisors, Q provides rent subsidies especially for senior, disabled, HIV+, families in SRO’s, mixed immigration status families in public housing, and for the primarily Black families displaced by the SF Redevelopment Agency’s bulldozing of the Fillmore District who need a rent subsidy to use their Certificate of Preference to be approved for affordable housing.

Assistance Provided
  • Rent subsidies for people paying 70% or more of their income toward rent
  • Rent subsidies to qualify for housing, especially below market rate & affordable housing units
  • One-time assistance i.e. security deposits, back rent
Who Is Served
  • San Francisco Residents
  • Individuals with 50% Area Median Income (AMI) or less 
  • Seniors (aged 60+), disabled, or persons with HIV/AIDS
  • Families in SROs are referred by SRO Families United
  • Mixed immigration families are referred by MOHCD
Maximum Income Requirements

50% of Area Median Income

  • Household of 1:   $43,100
  • Household of 2:   $49,250
  • Household of 3:   $55,450
  • Household of 4:   $61,600
  • Household of 5:   $66,500
  • Household of 6:   $71,450
  • Household of 7:   $76,350
  • Household of 8:   $81,300


Required Documentation

Before starting an application, please collect the following documentation as appropriate:

  • Identification Card or Passport
  • Birth Certificates of all minor children
  • Social Security Cards for all adults in household
  • Income documents (i.e. most recent paystubs, Social Security award letter, etc.)
  • Bank statements (3 most recent months)
  • Lease agreement or housing offer letter
  • Letter of HIV/AIDS diagnosis or proof of disability